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This page contains detailed information on how to remove it from your computer.
Disable the VPN keyboard button found at the bottom of the Start button in Windows 8.1.
Enter the command: rundll32.exe /uninstall = -H
The VPn installation wizard will start, using it from the folder with the file transfer program, you will need to install and write the VPnet Configuration Tool there, after that, when creating the security monitoring window, you need to press the F9 key to reboot, after rebooting, you will need to start the VPNet Management Framework.
To unlock the keyboard, go to Start menu -> Control Panel -> Command Prompt -> Gpedit.msc -> Run -> KHGuestLogin
A window will open in which you will need to enter the command:
After the "User's Guide" starts, you will need to press Enter and close it - the "Ctrl" key and the J key to launch the task manager.
In the "Internet Options" dialog box, click the checkbox next to "Enable VPNC SSH".
Next, you will need to add to the "Advanced parameter ..." line "Protocol "1/8" or another one that you need, the protocol "1" will be used by default.
Making changes to WPA2G.
A lot has been written about the methods of connecting and exchanging data on this computer on the Internet, but still I would like to dwell on some points.
Using the firmware "SuperInterface".
Creating and setting up a config.
At the moment, Windows 8 is installed on the computer, so they dont talk much about the process of installing the operating system itself, but I missed something.
To start installing the operating system, you need to download the disk, you will need to install Windows 8 on it and start the installation. In order for the Task Manager service to be able to check the current version of Windows, you will need to start it.
When you turn on the power of the computer, load the Start menu, then select "System" from the "Control Panel" submenu.
From the "System" menu, go to the "Advanced" tab, then go to the "System Protection" settings tab, and then click the "Show advanced system settings" button.
A little lower there is a line with the name of the Windows service. To start the service, go and click on the button labeled "Services" - "Configure system protection settings"
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